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How to Root Lenovo A5000 Without PC (100% works)

Root Lenovo A5000 No PC (100% works) - Tentang Android | How to Root Lenovo A5000 so easy you just download the application Kingroot below, enough with the app's kingroot Lenovo A5000 can already root, do not need to use a PC.

Download Kingroot

Conditions: your Smartphone's battery has a surface should be 20 percent to start the process of root
  1. On your android device, go to Settings > > Device Security Administration > Unknown Source (select to turn on)
  2. Download and install KingRoot APK on your android device (link download below)
  3. After installation is complete, you will see KingRoot applications are installed in the menu of your application.
    How to Root the Lenovo A5000
    How to Root the Lenovo A5000
  4. Press on the icon KingRoot to open. After the application KingRoot open you will see a screen like on:
    How to Root the Lenovo K3 (4 g)
    How to Root the Lenovo A5000
  5. Now, press the START button.
    How to Root the Lenovo A5000
    How to Root the Lenovo 
  6. In a minute or two you will see a green checkmark on the screen like below, it means that your device has already successfully rooted/
  7. Restart your android device.
  8. You can also verify if your device is already successfully rooted or not with the Root application Checker : Root Checker Apk Versi 5.5.6
Link Download KingRoot Version 1.3.9 
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