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Download PATH v 4.3.12 APK File Latest Version

Best app private messaging and sharing, the Path for Android | Tentang-Andorid.COM -may still be many who do not know with the path. What is the Path? The path is a social network allows its users to share every moment to the people closest to you as family, friends and relatives who specialized for users of Android smartphone and iPhone/iOS.

Download PATH v 4.3.12 APK File Latest Version

In the path, you can send private messages and share photos, videos, music, and more to the chronology of the Path to share with your friends on the Path.

The path is also the social networks are personal friends with the amount of a maximum of 150 people. These limits are intended to help you share the experience and memory together with people who are really close to you.

With the many features and services provided, such as the social media Path hybrids that combine features that are found in other social media. If it is connected in the Path, do not forget to invite friends or family who have yet to figure it out, so we can immediately incorporate them to the list of our closest friends or family to share in the Path.

Application Path for Android also gives you full control over what you share and to anyone you share. So no need to worry more about privacy, because the very path keeping your privacy.

Download PATH v 4.3.12 APK File Latest Version
Download PATH v 4.3.12 APK File Latest Version

What's new in v 4.3.12:

  • Boo! Halloween Surprise!
  • Themes and special stickers for a limited period!
  • -Faster Loading sticker
  • -Stabilization application
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