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Lucid Launcher Pro v5.915 Theme Apk Latest

Download Lucid Launcher Pro Full Version Free | Tentang-android.COM - on this occasion, I will share to you one application launcher in android is no less Interestingly than other android launcher, the name of the application is the lucid launcher pro for android.

Lucid Launcher Pro v5.915 Theme Apk Latest
Lucid Launcher Pro v5.915 Theme Apk Latest

Lucid Launcher Pro is an application launcher for android home with new innovations that focus on three categories: stability, features, as well as usability.

Application Launcher Pro Lucid is also claimed to be very fast in operation without compromising the look of the eyes. The conclusion that I can draw from this application is simple, fast and beautiful!

The features that exist in the Application Launcher Pro Lucid allows you to do what you really want to make it a launcher belongs to you that look interesting and smooth with no lagging whatsoever.

Main features:

  • The initial display scroll vertically
  • The look of the App in the Grid or List dining Drawer
  • Support theme icons (Icon Theme)
  • Edit the application icon
  • Unlimited widgets
  • The Favorites sidebar (with animation)
  • Search-bar (also can search in contacts and applications)
  • Side-bar (containing your favorite applications)
  • A lot of customization settings that you can adjust
  • The default Internet browser launcher which doubles the maximum (can in turn in the "screen settings")
  • Special search text that you can edit
  • Supports widgets, folders, and Shortcuts
  • Early appearance of the landscape and portrait are different and separate
  • Icons and widgets display can be set in the swath (grid) or free
  • Animation when switching pages
  • Playback in the background on the Browser (e.g., YouTube, etc.)
  • Indonesian Language, Spanish, Italian, French, Hungarian, Portuguese, German, Russian, and other translations.

In addition to the PRO version:

  • Custom Search Text.
  • Ability to hide the app label in favorites bar.
  • More Page Transition Animations.
  • Vertical Page Transitions.
  • More Home Pages.
  • Custom Sidebar Theme.
  • Multiple other Sidebar Settings.
  • More Gestures.
  • Ability to include Hidden Apps in Search Results.
  • More Folder Icon Styles.
  • Folder Color Options.
  • No Ads.
  • Other Cool Features.

lucid launcher pro full version lucid launcher pro free download

New in v1.6:5.915

  1. Action bar scrolls with a built in browser.
  2. Updated Google logo for a built in browser homepage (about: home).
  3. Download improvements via the browser.
  4. Once the file upload via browser.
  5. Action bar scrolls with web View.
  6. Ability to view local files in the browser. ex: "file:///sdcard/test.html".
  7. Indication of what tab you are on with the bold text in the tabs.
  8. Bug fixes ∓ general changes.

For you who want to try to use the application launcher pro apk lucid this latest android phone for you, you can download the application via the link the link already prepared below, free!!!

Required system: Android OS 3.0 and above
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