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How To Backup Stock (Custom ROM) With Clockworkmod (CWM)

How to Backup Stock/Custom ROM With Clockworkmod (CWM) - Tentang-Android.COM- for you who already know more about android would already know all the things contained therein. well, on the occasion of the current Tentang Android will share the few ways how to do backup stock/custom rom using clockworkmod recovery (CWM). However, for more details I will give an explanation about what is clockworkmod (CWM).

How To Backup Stock/Custom ROM With Clockworkmod (CWM)

ClockworkMod recovery is one of the most widely used recovery custom android is available on android devices. a recovery is basically to restore or improve the condition of the stock rom. so we can add new features on a stock rom through clockworkmod. whereas if the recovery, as is done with the initial reset default factory. However, not everything can be made to do a system restore operation on the ROM.

A little explanation above may be able to give you an idea to all of you who are not yet so knowing what is clockworkmod. well, we're going back to the topic title above, i.e. How do I do a backup stock/customrom with clockworkmod in android. as we already know, there are several types of clockworkmod used on android such as:
  1. CWM recovery.
  2. TWRP recovery.
  3. 4ext recovery.
  4. xRecovery.
almost all types of clockworkmod above have the same function in doing backups, if there is a difference for sure would be different in terms of the placement of the menu. the following things to note before we begin:
  1. Before starting, battery condition in the State at least android 70% due to fear of the backup process take a long time.
  2. better android you have in the root, if not that's okay.
  3. There is already a clockworkmod in android. well, for android you are no clockworkmod, forced to do the root first and then place the clockworkmod manually.

If it is the same as the above, here's how to backup rom using clokworkmod on android.

How To Backup Stock (Custom ROM) With Clockworkmod (CWM) : 

  1. The first step is having to enter into clockworkmod mode of each android belongs to you. each brand of different android how to get into fashion clockworkmod.
  2. In mode clockworkmod, use the volume up and volume down to navigate up and down, while the home button/power button (eachdifferent android brand) to execute/OK. This is because, touchscreenfeatures will not function.
  3. Select "backup and restore", then choose the option "backup". the nonce the backup process will be done. the backup process takes a few minutes and will be stored in the folder "ClockWorkMod/backup"every android on internal or external memory you choose depends onthe location of the results of the backup is stored. If there is no choice of store location backups, automatic file backups will go into the internal memory of the device such as Galaxy S3, Note 2, Xperia Z and others. except, the backup will be stored in an external memory device like the Galaxy Mini Galaxy Ace, and others.
    How To Backup Stock (Custom ROM) With Clockworkmod (CWM)
    How To Backup Stock (Custom ROM) With Clockworkmod (CWM)
  4. When finished, then the files will be stored in accordance with the layout on the third point. in order to avoid any undesired things like bootloop, stuck or lagging. all that should be done wipe data and cache wipe which will impact the removal of all content data in android thou. well, it's better you save the backup results outside of android devices. Suppose there are in the internal memory, copy the backup to the external memory or can do a copy to your computer to be safe. so the unwanted things happen such as erased all file backups, there are already other devices.

A little extra more, for you who want to do a restore from backup is performed, the results do I also quite easily. Here's how to restore backup results stock/custom rom with clockworkmod:

How to restore backup results stock/custom rom with clockworkmod:

  1. Before you prepare your file backup rom that has already entered into the internal/external memory. then go into clockworkmod mode, each brand of android is different in the process of getting into clockworkmod mode.
  2. If it goes into clockworkmod mode, use the volume up and volume down to navigate up and down as well as the home button/power to execute/ok (each brand of android vary).
  3. Select the option "backup and restore". same as with backups, here you choose the option "restore" then execute/OK.
    How To Backup Stock (Custom ROM) With Clockworkmod (CWM)
    How To Backup Stock (Custom ROM) With Clockworkmod (CWM)
  4. Once the restore process will be done. usually this process will take several minutes. When finished, do a reboot on device.
Well, what about the tutorial above? easy is not the way of doing backup and restore on android. This is to cope in the event of other things and boot loop on the device. We do not

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