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Final Fantasy APK 4 v1.5.0 Full

Download game Final Fantasy IV Full Apk Free Latest Data | Tentang-Android.COM - Final Fantasy is a game RPG that is no doubt. One RPG game of the Final Fantasy series that has the look and super duper interesting gameplay. And this game has given a full 3D view.
Final Fantasy APK 4 v1.5.0 Full
Final Fantasy APK 4 v1.5.0 Full
Final Fantasy IV itself has been since 1991 and of course, already provide a graphical view that is quite capable with the addition of full versions 3D and attractive graphics. As for the mobile platform itself brings graphic quality to have a better view.

This game has a story in which Cecil who is the leader of the troops will attack in a village that was not too dangerous. And Cecil assigned to perform a dangerous mission.
Final Fantasy APK 4 v1.5.0 Full
Final Fantasy APK 4 v1.5.0 Full

In addition to the interesting story, the battle system of Final Fantasy IV is still using Active Time Battle touch. The players were asked to choose to decide to attack, defend and also issued a skill. And the players are asked to make decisions quickly.

And in this game there are also many newcomers or new characters who come and go which makes the composition of troops or party change. And characters that are gone will leave augment that can provide skills to anyone.

Game Final Fantasy IV also has skill and magic system that consists of two types, namely black and white. Black magic will appear like a blizzard, poison, sleep that could be used to attack the enemy. While white magic can be used for healing and also heal the wounded character.

While in terms of fighting, this game gives something much more fresh and innovative than the previous game. This game has about 50 cast magic and summon feature that can summon a Chocobo or Leviathan to attack the enemy.

Game Final Fantasy IV also get an interesting touch to the problem of exploration of the city that is much more transparent. Unfortunately, the voice of the game is to use the English language. Of course, the sound produced is less than the maximum given voice was the Japanese who are less fluent in English.

Well, for those of you who are interested to try the thrill of playing game Final Fantasy 4 new apk, you can download the game here.

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