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Custom ROM Galaxy Ace 2 Most Stable

This is the latest OFFICIAL rom Liquid Smooth to ace 2 - this is already an android 4.4.4 and this has also been the OFFICIAL come on please try this also already free from bugs only on Tentang Android,
custom rom galaxy ace 3
custom rom galaxy ace 3

The requirement as follows:

  • ACE 2 are already using android jelly bean, if not read : How To Upgrade Galaxy Ace 2 gingerbread to Jelly Bean
  • do a factory reset, wipe data/cache for stock rom
  • If the previous rom 10 cm/10.2/11 simply wipe the cache only, but in my opinion it is better also in factory reset,
custom rom galaxy ace 3
custom rom galaxy ace 3

How to install ?:

  1. prepare the materials needed are:
  2. -rom liquid smooth v 3.2 (2014/08/14): link download download
  3. gapps : (link download below) lived the wants of your chosen full or mini (better), or core
  4. Download these two files then copy on an external sd card mobile buddy,
  5. shutdown ace 2 PAL then go into recovery mode do I press volume UP + home + power button.
  6. If ace 2 still stock rom do cwm installation first and then copy the in sd card external PAL download
  7. in cwm recovery mode
  8. -do factory reset and wipe cache
  9. -Choose mounting and storage and select format/system
  10. -then install zip from sd card and then navigate to the files already downloaded the rom above and select yes if no confirmation if it is finished doing the install again to file his gapps.
  11. then rebot ace 2:)

Link Download
rom liquid smooth v 3.2 || gapps                               
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