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Cleaner Master Booster Pro v2.0.6 Apk Free Download

Master Cleaner Pro Download Full Version Free booster | Tentang-android.COM - Cleaner - Speed ​​Booster Pro is the application of cleaner and optimizer Android terrific. This application has the function of memory optimization, garbage data cleaning or cache, to optimize the speed of the game, search history eraser, eraser record calls and SMS, and the application manager that can either unistall applications on your android smart phone.

cleaner master speed booster pro apk
cleaner master speed booster pro apk

This application can free up RAM and increase the speed of your mobile phone up to 80%, freeing storage space by deleting junk data & file caching, optimizing your phone for the experience of playing an outstanding using widgets optimization game, delete search history browser that is not desirable, to protect privacy You delete records of phone calls and SMS, and manage installed applications and disable applications / systems, as well as save battery power by using these functions!

With the application of Cleaner Speed ​​Booster Pro, can provide a solution that is highly efficient and highly in make it easy to remove all the useless history stored in your android operating system.

In addition, this application also has a friendly user interface. And that is certainly easy to use.

Features Cleaner - Master Booster Pro:

  • Memory Cleaner - Cleans memory (RAM) and kill the processes in the background / tasks that slow down your device, with the "optimization" a single tap. Memory Cleaner will cool the temperature of your phone when the CPU overheats, optimize your phone, and even keep the battery power is not quickly depleted.
  • Data Cleansing Waste (Cached System) - Delete old files such as garbage bins and system cache files leftover. Free up storage space by deleting junk files and optimize your phone for better performance!
  • The game engine optimization - By allocating resources to your game system, game optimization will optimize your mobile machine to create the best gaming experience! Increase the speed of the game up to 20% + when it launched. Use this function when the phone is often slows down or freezes while you are playing.
  • Cleansing & Call History SMS History - Protect your privacy by erasing the call history and SMS / Text Messaging unwanted one by one. By pressing "" Select All "", you can delete all records of private conversations in a single tap!
  • & Browser Search History Eraser - Protect your privacy by removing the search history Google Play Store and search history default browser. It also includes a clip board and a history eraser download manager!
  • Application Manager - installing applications Remove unused / unwanted, once in a time, in order to free up storage space and deactivate your pre-installed applications to clean up your home screen!
  • Widget Optimization Game - Game optimization function access with a single tap on the widget on your Android home screen!

cleaner master speed booster pro apk
cleaner master speed booster pro apk

What's new in v2.0.6:

  • Fixes a bug in the Android OS 5.1.1

Well, for who would try to use cleaner application speed booster master the latest pro apk, you can download the application via the link I have prepared the link below, free !!!

System required: Android OS 4.0.3 and above
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