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Tutorial How To Root Android Using MobileGo Via PC

How To Root Android By MobileGo - Tentang android
If the device you need a USB Driver for connecting to PC, below I've provided various drivers of the devices Android USB Drivers For Windows Free Download Or find the Driver automatically wear the ADB Driver Installer from the Internet

How To Root Android By MobileGo 

  1. You are connected to the internet
  2. Turn off your Anti-virus
  3. Download MobileGo under posting
  4. Install the MobileGo, on the MobileGo installation will require an internet connection, and will send you to a Login Account, both with Google, Facebook, and Twitter, or create a new account from the application.
  5. Turn on USB Debugging your device read How To Enable USB Debugging on an Android Device
  6. Connect your device with your PC/Leptop with USB Cable/Data cable and MobileGo application will automatically recognize your device. just wait the process.
    Tutorial How To Root Android Via MobileGo
  7. After your device is recognized by the application MobileGo, and then click the button One Click Root. then OK
    Tutorial How To Root Android Via MobileGo
  8. Wait for the Root process is complete, if it is then it will perform Root massage Success
  9. Finally you may need install application Root Explorer To manage your apps root Download Here

You will find the SuperSu application that is installed on your device.

Devices that are already supported by MobileGo, see on MobileGo Support

Link Download
MobileGo (Online Install) || MobileGo (Offline Install)
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Nice way of rooting but i prefer search4roots for rooting my phone.

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