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How To Root Samsung Galaxy Fame GT-S6810 Without PC

How To Root Samsung Galaxy Fame No PC – Samsung Galaxy Fame is entrilevel smartphone from Samsung that has been getting the update to Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean. Although the class was on the entry level, but the specifications of this smartphone was satisfactory. With have a Samsung galaxy Fame we could already have Smartphone android 5MP main camera with jellybean and vga front camera for video call/video chat.
How To Root Samsung Galaxy Fame GT-S6810 No PC

If you are user of Samsung Galaxy Fame and was looking for how to root the galaxy fame without PC, quiet just because at this time the Tentang Android will share how to Root Samsung Galaxy Fame Without PC to you. But at the root the galaxy fame tutorial this condition is
Galaxy fame you should have has installed CWM recovery.

The Terms Prior To Root Galaxy Fame

  • Galaxy Fame you've installed CWM Recovery (Tutorial here)
  • Download SuperSU (Download Link Below)

How To Root Samsung Galaxy Fame No PC

  1. Save the SuperSU file. zip you downloaded earlier in the SD Card.
  2. Turn off Samsung Galaxy Fame you and then go into Recovery Mode (press Home + Power button + Volume Up simultaneously).
  3. On the Advanced menu choose CWM > Reboot Recovery.
  4. Then select Yes to start the process Root.
  5. After that, flash SuperSU .zip that you have put in the SD Card.
  6. Reboot
  7. Finished, check the Galaxy fame you are there application SuperSU if there are any survivors Samsung Galaxy Fame successfully in the root.
  8. You can check with application Root Explorer download Here
It is thus quite a tutorial how to root the galaxy fame from tentang android, hopefully this can be rewarding tutorial for you. Thank you for visiting the Tentang Android and wait for the tutorial
our next pull off from us, such as this tutorial how to Root the Galaxy Fame
Link Download SuperSU
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