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How to reinstall/Flashing Samsung Galaxy Fame GTS6810 Via Odin

How to reinstall/Flashing Samsung Galaxy Fame GTS6810 | due to the mistake Download, application error, the touchscreen is not sensitive, internal memory have virus, loading bootloop, to death total to do the firmware update for detected in drivers computer. 
How to reinstall/Flashing Samsung Galaxy Fame GTS6810 Via Odin

If possible you can also RESET the Galaxy Fame GTS6810 by pressing a three key combination. by the time the hp position off press and hold the button Vol Up + Home + Power until the android robot picture appeared. and then do wipe data (user Read: how to Recovery Mode Samsung Galaxy Fame) but sometimes this is not enough help HH indeed need Flashing Updates 

These weapons of war that should be set up before Flashing:

  • Usb driver samsung kies (Download Link Below)
  • Odin v3 (Download Link Below)
  • Firmware Galaxy Fame GTS6810 (Download Link Below)

If the combat equipment is ready to come on heading to the battlefield follow guide with

Tutorial Flashing Galaxy Fame GTS6810 : 

  1. Install the Usb Driver samsung or samsung kies on your Computer
  2. Extrak firmware Galaxy Fame GTS6810 with win rar to find md5 files.
  3. Turn off your galaxy. Press and hold the Vol down + Home + Power until Download mode
  4. Select continue by pressing the volume up 
  5. Connect the Smartphone to the computer with a Usb cable
  6. Open the odin V 2.3 and see if in the column ID: COM is blue if not the creature the blue repeat his pace from the No. 3
  7. If ID: COM already blue means was ready to stage the process Flash
  8. Click the PDA in odin and navigate file firmware extrack last and select S6810XXXopoikiXXX. md5 angaplah gitu file name
  9. Wait a minute until odin success setting up files
  10. Click START on odin wait until the process is complete (PASS) auto restart the core of Galaxy.

Link Download
Usb driver samsung kies

                                        Odin v3 || Firmware Galaxy Fame GTS6810
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