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How To Install CWM Galaxy V Via Odin Tested

How To Install CWM Recovery Samsung Galaxy V SM-G313HZ | Tip this time Tentang android will share about how to how to Install CWM on Samsung Galaxy V on the article before I got around to giving tips how to Root Galaxy V which is very easy to learn. Now for the article this time Tentang android will give you tips to dismantle samsung galaxy v BC-G313HZ which hopefully can be beneficial to you.

Needed for this tutorial is almost the same with the way root galaxy v but only a few ingredients are different.

Materials to install CWM Galaxy v:

  • Samsung USB Drivers (Download Link Below)
  • CWM Recovery build2 v (Mediafire) (Download Link Below)
  • Odin v 3.10 (Download Link Below)
  • Computer/laptop
  • USB Cable

How To Install CWM Recovery Galaxy v :

  1. We start with the first step is to extract all the zip file then install samsung usb driver on your computer/laptop, and run odin v 3.10.
  2. then turn off cell phones samsung galaxy v you and I usually always unplug the battery first (unplug the battery when the phone is dead) and then press the HOME button + Volume-(down) + Power (the power button), if it is then you will see a page that says "Warning" on the page press the "Up" (+) then it will switch to the page "Download Mode" later USB plugs from HP to the computer/Laptop , and then add the file "CWM Recovery" that has been extracted from the .zip file into a. tar (tar recovery.. md5) then add the CWM to AP/PDA applications Odin v 3.10, if connect the following display on the image below:
    install cwm galaxy wonder via odin
  3. Next click on "Start" wait the process a few seconds only, and if it succeeds then it will be like the picture below:
    How To Install CWM Galaxy V Via Odin

Well up here is over and the mobile phone samsung galaxy v you will Reboot by itself, and to test whether the CWM is already installed then it can try to turn off the phone first, if it is dead then press and hold the HOME button + Volume + (up) + power (the Power button) and if that means the successful CWM admission.

How To Install CWM Galaxy V Via Odin

If it doesn't work then you must first root samsung galaxy v you once his tips here: 
  • Special Thank to God
  • Thank to the Forum XDA Developers * (Source: click here

Link Download 
Samsung USB Drivers
CWM Recovery build2 v (Mediafire) || Odin v 3.09                                                 
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