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Download Towelroot v3 apk Support KitKat

Download Latest apk Suport Towelroot v3 Android KitKat - On this occasion then Tentang android would share an application to root on android, perhaps you who had difficulties or fail when performing root on android os kitkat can try this application .Towelroot own developed by Geohot which is able to perform rooting on Android, including Samsung S5 Verizon Galaxy S5, AT & T GS5, Nexus 5, GS4, the latest android others.
Download Towelroot v3 apk KitKat

This apk Towelroot v3 is the latest version and can be downloaded for free. though is relatively new in the appeal application root in general, Towelroot created by hackers make a jailbreak for iOS is able to root on the latest android type as kikkat So this may be one solution when you fail to root on android kitkat. 
Download Towelroot v3 apk KitKat
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