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Dolphin Browser v11.4.19 Apk File Download Latest

Download the application on Tentang android Dolphin Browser Latest Apk Free | Update the latest version of the application in the android web browser that features complete, i.e. dolphin browser 11.4.19  for android you can use as a browser that has many features and advantages in the appeal of the browser in General.
Dolphin Browser Latest Apk Free
Dolphin Browser

Dolphin Browser is a web browser applications as a replacement for the default browser android phones. A variety of features have been added in order to make you browse the internet with very comfortable and smooth.

One of the extra features that can add to the experience of the user at the time exploring the internet is ' Sonar ' where you can use your voice to do a search on the internet but unlike Google's voice search.

There are also gestures control feature that can help you to visit a web page with just a way to draw on the screen (for example, to create an image of the letter "G" to visit google.com etc).

In addition, this Dolphin Browser Apk  application also features add-ons just like other web browsers, so you can add Add-ons to this browser suits your needs.

Dolphin browser features:

  • Movement - Access a web page by creating a personal movement (symbol) that you frequently use.
  • Sonar - find and share your favorite social networking website, bookmark Favorites and navigation using your voice.
  • Share it with one touch – Tweet web page, post to Facebook, take and share any kind of content and directly save to Evernote or your personal Box.
  • Tabbed browsing – does not need to switch to the Search tab, antarlayar makes your browsing like desktop.
  • Loaded with Add-ons – Add your mobile internet browsing experience. With more than 60 and growing, allow any action can be done right on your mobile browser.
  • Web App Store – the Dolphin's new app store offers access to a large selection of famous web applications so you don't need to close or switch applications.
  • The main screen – add frequently visited sites on speed dial on your main screen. And setting the theme very easily with just one touch.
  • Send to device – Send links, map, phone number, and more from your desktop to your phone.
  • Dolphin Connect – synchronization of bookmarks, history, passwords and open tabs easily between various devices with desktop browser including Chrome, Firefox and Safari.
  • Broadcast WiFi – Share links with friends around in your WiFi network.
  • Theme – Sesuikan colour themes and wallpapers to make the Dolphin seemed to belong to you.

Additional features (you can add the following to the Dolphin addon for Android):
  • Web to PDF
  • Dolphin screen cut-off
  • The browser is Faster for Dolphin
  • Dolphin Translate
  • Dolphin Reader
  • Dolphin Battery Saver
  • Bookmarks Widget
  • Dolphin Brightness
  • Dolphin Tabs Reload
  • Dolphin Show IP
  • Ultimate Dolphin Flag
  • Dolphin: Pocket add-on
  • Dolphin Whols
  • Dolphin: Dropbox add-on
  • Dolphin Alexa Rank
  • Xmarks for Dolphin

Dolphin browser apk dolphin browser latest
Dolphin browser apk Latest

What's new in v 11.4.19:
  1. Fixes some problems loading the video and page.

According to Tentang android, this app is one of the best alternative web browser to surf the internet from your Android phone. Well, for you who are interested in trying to create applications dolphin web browser this latest apk you can download via the link below.

Required system: Android OS 2.2 and above

Dolphin Browser download links v 11.4.19 APK:
Zippyshare || Playstore   
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