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How To Install CWM Samsung Galaxy S4

Install CWM samsung galaxy s4 | CWM is probably very important for you who want make acces Super User, especially for you who want to root samsung galaxy s4 GT-i9500, you may read how to Root Samsung Galaxy S4 on the Page in addition to the GT-i9500 Galaxy s4 Install CWM method may also be possible for the Samsung Galaxy S4 GT-I9502, GT-I9505, and GT-I9506, but in priority and so on the recommendation for samsung galaxy s4 GT-i9500. So before you perform root samsung galaxy s4 you need to install CWM, this is very obligatory, because without doing the install Cwm root samsung galaxy s4 will not succeed, in my previous article has also provided a tutorial on how to CWM installed mini samsung galaxy Ace S5830 please read also if you need it.
How To Install CWM Samsung Galaxy S4
How To Install CWM Samsung Galaxy S4

Well no need to linger let us see below how to install CWM samsung galaxy s4, please be viewed and listened well to facilitate your steps in doing install.

How To Install CWM Samsung Galaxy S4 GT-i9500

Before you perform the installation you should make sure the condition of the battery and your HP PC sufficient to avoid failures during the install process Cwm.
  • The first step please download the following materials: 
Cofface GT-i9500 Recovery_en.Zip (download is BELOW)
Odin V3.o7 (download is BELOW)

  • After you download and extract the computer / pc you 
  • Press the volume down button (-) in conjunction with a home button, a little bit long time ago press the power button so that it will appear the command to press the volume up (+) on this phone is useful to begin flash Cwm on mobile
  • Odin launch v3.07.exe have you extract, make sure that you do it as windows administrator
  • Samsung galaxy s4 connect your computer / pc which has been prepared as at step 2, make sure you find the message "added" in the left area Under interface Odin, if you do not find it so loose back and repeat
  • Open Cofface GT-i9500 Recovery already you extracted earlier, make sure you've check the checkbox PDA and also make sure the auto reboot and F set check time and make sure it does not perform a check on the RE-PRATITION because if you tick will result in permanent failure
  • Press the start button in Odin and the flashing process will soon begin, after recovery CWM, it will be your phone will reboot automatically and will appear message states "pass" as much confirmation in the show on Odin

How To Install CWM for Samsung Galaxy S4 GT-i9500 take it as directed above in order not to
failure occurs when performing install CWM, please try Similarly, this time hopefully review the article How To Install CWM Samsung Galaxy S4 GT-i9500 can useful for you as well.
Info :For download the your file on Tentang Android Safe link you must click button VISIT LINK 
Link Download
Cofface GT-i9500 Recovery_en.Zip (download)
Odin V3.o7 
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