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Clash Of Clans 7.156.1 Apk Latest Free

Download Clash Of Clans (COC) V.7.156.1. Recent apk For Android In July 2015 Or Bluestack - On 1 June 2015 supercell / clash of clans do maintenance to update the version clash of clans because there latest features like the dark spell his factory is here with new spells!, Dragon level 5 sets its gaze on the golden town hall 11, a second sweeper water will help clear the skies, starting at the town hall 9, new leagues are here Including the league tournament and legend legend trophies!, well now I want to share Clash Of Clans (COC) latest version dated 1 June 2015 which is a version 7.156.1 you can download it as a solution if you have problems while renewing in playstore, so you can download its apk file, but I have a few words about the latest features on Clash Of Clans COC V. 7.156.1:
Clash Of Clans 7.156.1 Apk Latest Free

New Update Clash Of Clans: Dragon Level 5:

Dragon Troops are forces / troops fly mode that is often taken during the war in clash of clans, because the dragon has damage, large hp and capable of leveling base opponents very easily, in an update clash of clans dragon this level have little difference on the physical its like the difference in color and on its back there are thorns to tail nya.Maka if we research hp / hitpoints and damage will grow strong again.

New Update Clash Of Clans: New Leagues:

Now the new update these leagues the clasher can raise two recent levels in clash of clans that after Champion level there are two levels again that Titan and Legend, wah kebayangkan, if the level rises into League Of Legend bonus will increase again if it wins destroy the base of the Another, a bonus that is given is 2000 dark Elixir, Elixir 250 000, 250 000 gold, so maybe clasher the leagues wanted to raise the level of her by finding her troopy as-much.

Clash Of Clans 7.156.1 Apk Latest Free
Clash Of Clans 7.156.1 Apk Latest Free

New Update Clash Of Clans: Air Sweeper:

At its next update No additional sweeper again ya on the water, the last month of May alone there it is 1 water feature sweeper and the month of July which will come additional sweeper again ya on the water that we can buy more water sweeper to become 2 at base us, so additional 1 airsweeper will make us more secure base again in the air strikes. (Also Read: Air Attack Strategy With Dragon And Ballon In Clash Of Clans)

New Update Clash Of Clans: Dark Spells Factory:

At the clasher Dark Spells Factory can make the latest spells spells poison, poison spells useful to spend HP (hitpoint) lawanya useful for CC (clans castle) opponent, by way of his fishing everything collected prior to then drop poison spells so that the troops that out of the CC (clans castle) will run out of HP (hitpoint).

New Update Clash Of Clans: Interface Barrack:

Interface Barrack or which can also be called with a view barrack will be easier for us to training troops, making spells with only one barrack we can directly click the picture sword to switch to the next barrack so no need to bother going back and forth to barrack / factory spells more.

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