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BBM OFFICIAL Apk Latest Version

Download BBM OFFICIAL V. APK |  Howdy fella here on Tentang android I will share information about BBM OFFICIAL V. apk and again this has been updated from version OFFICIAL BBM V. apk For Android Latest  previously and is a direct update of blackberry and This is a BBM or BBM OFFICIAL ORIGINAL and this base version and this is the latest BBM so if friends direct downloads only.

Chatting with your guys, on device Android, BlackBerry, and

  • BBM is always active and also always connected - no applications that need to run
  • Know when a message has been sent (D) and has read (R)
  • Say 'hello' together BBM Voice - call
  • free voice between BBM Contacts *
  • Share photos, files, documents, voice notes, and
  • Other
  • Allow contacts see your location on a map, powered by Glympse *
  • Know when member contacts reply to your message
  • Emoticon for every mood and emotion so
  • You can express yourself

BBM let you protect your privacy most importent. Your control:

  • You can manage and filter and choose how to share your information BBM use a PIN instead of numbers telephone or email address so that more private, and you always control who can call you
  • You choose your contact - 2-way confirmation means you have control over who can send messages to you
  • Chatting and sharing with people at the same time:
  • Groups - BBM Groups help you share photos, lists, and appointments with the members from the group bbm. 
  • Your can even be in a group with people that is not in your BBM contact list.
  • Chat with all people - a lot of contacts Invite to chat with.
  • Broadcast message - Send a message to multiple contacts BBM at the same time.
  • BBM Channels: Join the conversation who is going about things you love
  • Create a new channel to share mind, ideas, and your passion ..
  • Subscribe to the Channel lets you join the conversations with others who have similar interests.
  • Create your BBM profile:
  • Display the profile photo to use picture, photographs, oreven animated image (GIF).
  • Update your status so that your friends others know what is being done or how you feel.

* Note: this advantages not available on Android smart phones running OS 2.3.x (Gingerbread)
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